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This archive includes all of the Easy Cheats for the FCEUX emulator which supports the NES, Famicom, FamicomBox, Famicom Disk System, PlayChoice-10, and VS. System.

DOWNLOAD - (Version 2021-08-04)

Known Issues

  • None.

Installation Instructions

1.) Download the latest Easy Cheat archive to your FCEUX emulator folder.


2.) Click the Extract tab at the top of the file explorer and click the Extract all button.


3.) The following dialog will open. Note: Your folder path will be different.


4.) Replace the Easy Cheat location with the word "cheats".


5.) Press the Extract button, and the files will be extracted into the cheats folder.


6.) When you launch a ROM, you will see the "Cheat file loaded." in the bottom right-hand corner.


7.) Click the menu item Tools, then click Cheats to open the Cheats dialog.


8.) You can activate cheats by double-clicking on them. When they have an asterisk (*) in front of them, they are active.



If you're having trouble getting these cheats to work, check the following:

  • The .cht file must have the EXACT same name as your ROM file. The NES Hacker Wiki uses the No-Intro ROM naming convention. For example, if your ROM is named something like Contra (U) [h1].nes, you must either rename your ROM to Contra (USA).nes, or rename your cheat file to Contra (U) [h1].cht. Thankfully, there are auditing tools that can do this for you.
  • Some cheats don't take effect until after you restart your ROM.
  • Make sure you extracted the cheats into the proper folder. To do this, navigate to .\FCEUX\cheats folder and you should see numerous files with a .cht extension.
  • Verify your FCEUX cheat path matches where you put unzipped the cheats. You can check by clicking on the Config menu, then Directories,. The default cheat folder is ".\cheats".
  • Use the latest version of FCEUX, although these cheats should be compatible with version 2.0.0 and greater.
  • Remember, not all games have cheats yet. If there isn't a .cht file for your ROM, you can either check this Wiki to see if the game has been added since the last package, or request cheats.