Double Dribble (NES)

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Double Dribble

Double Dribble - NES - USA.png


NES, Famicom Disk System, PlayChoice-10




Konami Industry Co. Ltd.

Double Dribble, released on the Famicom Disk System as エキサイティングバスケット [Ekisaitingu Basuketto] Exciting Basket, is an early basketball game that doesn't feature the names or players from the NBA.

Easy Cheats

Icon Addr Val Cmp Description
Icon-Score.png 07F5 09 - P1 Has 900 Points
Icon-Score.png 07F9 09 - P2 Has 900 Points
Icon-Warp.png 0034 04 - Start In 4th Quarter
Icon-Warp.png CE40 01 04 Game Ends After 1st Period
Icon-Warp.png CE40 02 04 Game Ends At Half
Icon-Time.png 9440 0F 1F Timer Twice As Fast
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No-Intro ROM Name CRC Flag
Double Dribble (USA) 437E7B69 Flag-USA.png
Exciting Basket (Japan) C601BD65 Flag-FDS.png
Double Dribble (Europe) 7F4CB1B4 Flag-Europe.png
Double Dribble (USA) (Rev 1) D0E96F6B Flag-USA1.png
Double Dribble (USA) ? Flag-PC10.png