Kung Fu (NES)

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Kung Fu

Kung Fu - NES - USA.png


NES, Famicom, PlayChoice-10




Irem Corp.

Kung Fu, known in Japan as スパルタンX [Suparutan Ekkusu] Spartan X, is a platform beat-em-up loosely based on the Bruce Lee movie Game of Death. You play a Kung Fu expert whose girlfriend has been kidnapped. You begin at the bottom level of a pagoda. Each floor is infested with bad guys that must be dispatched. At the end of the each level is a boss. When you defeat the final boss, the game repeats, but with harder difficulty.

Easy Cheats

Icon Addr Val Cmp Description
Icon-Lives-Infinite.png 005C 0A - P1 Infinite Lives
Icon-Lives-Infinite.png 005D 0A - P2 Infinite Lives
Icon-HitPoints-Infinite.png 04A6 30 - Infinite Hit Points (Turn off at end of floor)
Icon-Powerup.png 04A5 FF - No Bosses
Icon-Time.png 0393 09 - Infinite Time (Turn off at end of floor)
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No-Intro ROM Name CRC Flag
Kung Fu (Japan, USA) D5C64257 Flag-USA.png
Spartan X (Japan) 6058C65D Flag-Japan.png
Kung Fu (Europe) 464A67AB Flag-Europe.png