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This is a list of all of the programs that can make, alter, or utilize text tables. Many developer-centric emulators now support text table viewing in their hex editors. You can also view the Text Editors Category.

Title OS DTE* Import /
Crumb Windows ? Yes/Yes A program that lets you import/export text using tables.
Dark Tabler ? ?/? Creates tables to help translate NES games.
Emulicious Windows ? Yes/? Built into the hex editor.
FCEUX Windows, Macintosh, Linux ? Yes/? Built into the hex editor.
Gimmick ? Yes/Yes NES/SNES text inserter.
Gizmo Windows ? Yes/Yes Text inserter.
Hexecute (DOS) DOS Yes Yes/Yes Features relative searching and script import/export.
Hexecute Windows Yes Yes/Yes Features relative searching and script import/export. Crashes a lot.
Hexposure DOS ? ?/?
Jinx Windows ? ?/?
MacThing Macintosh ? ?/? Similar to Thingy, but for Mac.
MatrHex Windows ? ?/?
NihilTbl DOS ? ?/? A clone of TaBuLar written for DOS.
Table Auto Generator ? ?/? A basic table maker.
Table Manager ? ?/? A simple, but versatile, table editor. Portuguese version available.
TableMaker Relative Windows ? ?/?
TaBuLar Windows ? ?/?
Thingy DOS Yes ?/? Creates tables and supports script dumping.
Thingy32 Windows Yes ?/? An improved version of Thingy. Supports 2 and 3 byte values. Spanish version available.
TranslationStation Windows ? ?/?
Unirom DOS Yes ?/?
Unix Rendered Instant Tabler Unix ? ?/?

*DTE: Dual Tile Encoding. Used by encoding systems that take more than one byte per character, common in games which feature Japanese dialogue.
**Import/Export: Allows you to import and export text in an easy-to-edit file.