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Recent Updates
Wai Wai Mahjong: Yukai na Janyuu-tachi (PCE)

Wai Wai Mahjong - PCE - Japan.png


CPU Always Loses, added frequency table.

Golden Axe (SMS)

Golden Axe - SMS - World.png


Infinite lives, hit points, and magic.

Batman: The Video Game (GB)

Batman - Video Game, The - GB - World.png


Infinite lives, hit points, weapons, etc.

Pinball (NES)

Pinball - NES - USA.png


Infinite balls, have stoppers, text tables.

SimAnt: The Electronic Ant Colony (SNES)

SimAnt - Electronic Ant Colony, The - SNES - USA.png


Infinite food, enemies have no food.

Bad Dudes (NES)

Bad Dudes - NES - Japan.png


Japanese text tables and addresses.

Cheat of the Month
Game: Felix the Cat (NES)
Code: 03AF - 01
Details: Air Jump
Creator: User:TheAlmightyGuru




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