Mega Man IV (NES)

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Mega Man IV

Mega Man IV - NES - USA.png


NES, Famicom, Virtual Console




Capcom Co., Ltd.

Mega Man IV, known in Japan as ロックマン 4 新たなる野望!! [Rokkuman 4 ~Aratanaru Yabo!!~] Rockman 4, A New Ambition!!, is a platform shooter that takes place in the future. You play Rock, a house robot turned into a fighting machine to save the world, this time from a new villain named Dr. Cossack and his evil robots. Each enemy boss has his own stage that must be infiltrated. When you defeat a boss robot, you take their powers to use on the remaining robots.

This is the sequel to Mega Man III (NES), and was followed up by Mega Man V (NES).

Easy Cheats

Icon Addr Val Cmp Description
Icon-Lives-Infinite.png 00A1 09 - Infinite Lives
Icon-HitPoints-Infinite.png 00B0 9C - Infinite Hit Points
Icon-Invincible.png 0039 01 - Invulnerable
Icon-Powerup.png 00A2 09 - Infinite Energy Tanks
Icon-Ammo-Infinite.png 00B8 9C - Infinite Ring Boomerang
Icon-Ammo-Infinite.png 00B7 9C - Infinite Dive Missile
Icon-Ammo-Infinite.png 00BD 9C - Infinite Skull Barrier
Icon-Ammo-Infinite.png 00BB 9C - Infinite Pharaoh Shot
Icon-Ammo-Infinite.png 00BC 9C - Infinite Flash Stopper
Icon-Ammo-Infinite.png 00B4 9C - Infinite Rain Flush
Icon-Ammo-Infinite.png 00B9 9C - Infinite Drill Bomb
Icon-Ammo-Infinite.png 00BA 9C - Infinite Dust Crusher
Icon-Ammo-Infinite.png 00B1 9C - Infinite Rush Coil
Icon-Ammo-Infinite.png 00B3 9C - Infinite Rush Marine
Icon-Ammo-Infinite.png 00B2 9C - Infinite Rush Jet
Icon-Ammo-Infinite.png 00B5 9C - Infinite Wire Adaptor
Icon-Ammo-Infinite.png 00B6 9C - Infinite Balloon Adaptor
How do I use these?


No-Intro ROM Name CRC Flag
Mega Man 4 (USA) 2BC67AA8 Flag-USA.png
Mega Man 4 (USA) (Rev 1) 18A2E74F Flag-USA1.png
Rockman 4 - Aratanaru Yabou!! (Japan) F161A5D8 Flag-Japan.png
Rockman 4 - Aratanaru Yabou!! (Japan) (Rev 1) E0FFECCD Flag-Japan1.png
Mega Man 4 (Europe) 1B932BEA Flag-Europe.png
Mega Man 4 (USA) (Virtual Console) 659266E8 Flag-USAVC.png
Rockman 4 - Aratanaru Yabou!! (Japan) (Virtual Console) 111B2B1D Flag-JapanVC.png
Mega Man 4 (Europe) (Virtual Console) 66A3AA4D Flag-EuropeVC.png
Mega Man 4 (World) (Mega Man Legacy Collection) 0FAA8F73 Flag-World.png