Monster Party (NES)

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Monster Party

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NES, Famicom





Monster Party, known in Japan as パロディワールドモンスターパーティー [Parodi Warudo Monsuta Pati] Parody World - Monster Party, is a strange platform beat-em-up where you play a young boy named Mark who is brought to a world of monsters by a griffin named Bert. You cover several areas beating the crap out of monsters with a baseball bat and entering rooms to fight bosses. Monster Party is also one of the few NES games that has massive amounts of blood and gore. A prototype of the game shows the ever more bloody unreleased Japanese version.

Easy Cheats

Icon Addr Val Cmp Description
Icon-HitPoints-Infinite.png 009E 2C - Infinite Hit Points
Icon-Invincible.png 0384 01 - Invulnerable
Icon-Item.png 0058 00 - Have Key (Turn off at final boss)
Icon-Strength.png 0366 00 - 1-Hit Boss Kills
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No-Intro ROM Name CRC Flag
Monster Party (USA) 02B9E7C2 Flag-USA.png
Parody World - Monster Party (Japan) (Proto) 21E28F50 Flag-Japanb.png